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It started with an idea.

Alan Hardwick and Kristen Martin founded the Hardwick Consulting Group in 2021 with a goal to provide personalized support to people facing serious challenges.  With decades of investigative and consulting experience in corporate HR space, criminal law, and family disputes, we believed we could effectively help individuals and companies work through complex problems to find successful conclusions.  

In 2022, Hardwick Consulting Group became a corporate professional services consulting organization.  Hardwick Investigative Services, Inc. was launched to focus on private and workplace investigations. Both organizations work alongside each other to offer a full array of services for businesses, law firms, law enforcement organizations, and individuals.

From the beginning, we have gathered and continue to grow our association of outstanding investigators, technical experts, and subject matter experts in a wide array of disciplines, all of whom are either former state and federal law enforcement professionals or long-term independent consultants with experience in small and large business environments.  With a high level of expertise, we have the capacity to find solutions for all manner of challenges.

In 2019, Alan and Kristen published their first novel, Never Been This Close to Crazy.  For more information about the book and some other adventures, click here.


Our mission is to provide personalized, state-of-the-art investigative and consulting services for our clients with wisdom, empathy, and excellence, in a relentless pursuit to discover, reveal, and uphold the truth. 


By holding true to our core values of respect, professionalism, and integrity, we aim to become the most trusted and reliable investigative agency in the Pacific Northwest.  We want to work with clients to provide professional services in a way that is better than it has ever been done before.

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